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8 Best Ways To Trim Your Bud This Harvest Season

It’s trimming season baby and we are reviewing the 8 best ways to trim your buds.

It’s September, which means all those outdoor growers need to start preparing for harvest. You’ve put your blood sweat and tears into your garden (Blood, Sweat & Tears = Terrible Compost) and now you have more flowers than you know what to do with. Harvesting your plants should be a rewarding process but the tedious and time consuming process of trimming can be daunting. We are here to dive into the 8 best bud trimming options to get you and your crew through harvest as efficiently and affectively as possible. Let’s cut the intro and shear through this!

Best Bud Trimmers 2017

Hand Trimming
Piranha Pruner Trimming Scissors

Nothing new here. Hand trimming is back breaking work, but you can’t get a cleaner trim than doing it by hand. Sorry to disappoint you, but hand trimming, done by human hands, will always be the most precise way to trim. It certainly isn’t the most cost effective! Growers will spend thousands in cash or in trading product for trimming services.

All that being said if you are going to hand trim we suggest using a pair that is spring loaded. Spring-loaded Piranha Pruners are a great option and will save you 50% of the work by opening the blade back up for you automatically. This is incredibly helpful after making 50-100 cuts a minutes for the hours or days of harvest.

Handheld Automatic Trimmers


The BIG step up from hand trimming is an automatic handheld trimmer. These will increase your productivity easily by 50% and there are a few options out on the market. The most similar to hand trimming is the Trim’R-matic Electric HandHeld Trimmer. These automatic garden shears work just like scissors with two blades cross cutting through your flower. This fits in the wet trimmer category and it’s best if used directly after chopping down your plants. It has adjustable speeds and is great to use on fan leaves before you do a final hand trim or toss them into another automatic barrel trimmer.

Another great option is called The Magic Trimmer and works just like a mini weed whacker. Again this trimmer is a wet trimmer and is best when used immediately after harvest. The Magic Trimmer is able to get an incredibly close and accurate trim. This trimmer is so accurate that no secondary hand clean up is necessary. At 33,000 rotations per minute you’ll be able to fly through a 5-10 flower garden in no time.

Automatic Trimming Machines

The next step up from an automatic handled trimmer is a 100% hands free automatic bud trimmer. These types of trimmers have been around for 20 years now and they are more versatile and advanced than ever before. The new automatic bud trimming options in 2017 are becoming more affordable and user friendly. People have been demanding smaller, quieter, faster and multi-purposed trimming machines and the manufacturers have delivered! Let’s dive in to the best automatic bud trimmers of 2017.

Twister – Cleanest Bud Trimmer

Twister T6

Twister unveiled their new Twister T6 this year and the industry lost their minds! This new tabletop trimmer designed for the smaller home gardener is the size of a desktop printer. It was highly requested for and anticipated by loyal Twister Trimmer users. Twister first produced the popular Twister T2 and T4 trimmers, which are designed for large scale commercial growers. The new T6 is an impeccable twist on the Twister Trimmer lineup, a twist making this brand very unique from all the other trimmers.

The T6 is designed for quick and efficient trim sessions. The Twister T6 automated trimmer weighs in at 42 lbs, making this the lightest, most compact trimmer on the market today. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor bud trimming, the lightweight design of the T6 makes this trimmer incredibly portable allowing you to take it from garden to garden with ease. It can be disassembled in seconds, giving you easy access to the components making your cleaning sessions last less than 10 minutes with no tools!

The Twister T6 has one of the most advanced rotary blade cutting systems available on the market. With an outstanding 96 point indexing blade adjustment system, it allows for trimming up to 0.0005 of an inch, which is over six times thinner than a sheet of paper!

The T6 has trimming speeds of up to 4 lbs/hr dry and 3 lbs/hr wet. It is the ideal bud trimmer for your home garden or small grow in your office! The Twister T6 is everything you ever wanted in a trimmer. This automated trimmer is designed and engineered with the highest-grade materials, providing you with premium durability while still maintaining it’s usability. The Twister T6 is the fastest, small-capacity trimmer in the world equipped with a powerful 0.25HP motor ensuring continuous, high performance output leaving your buds with a perfect trim. All Twister trimmers have a unique design allowing you to daisy chain multiple machines together to increase productivity.

There is something spectacular about the new Twister T6. This new design has a smaller capacity compared to the T2 and T4 but still produces the same quality final product you’ve come to love from Twister. If you desire the best then worry no more as the Twister T6 automated trimmer is just one click away. Follow this link here to learn more about the Twister T6 and all the other Twister Trimmer Products!

Centurion Pro – Fastest Bud Trimmer
Centurion Table Top Trimmer

Centurion Pro stands out for having one of the highest capacity machines on the market. The Centurion Pro Gladiator features a double barrel tumbler increasing your output by, well, double! The Gladiator is one heck of a machine and has helped tons of growers blow through their harvest season trimming about 30 pounds an hour. Before this year the smallest trimmer on the Centurion lineup was the Centurion Pro Mini producing 11 pounds of product an hour.

In 2017 Centurion introduced it’s newest and smallest trimmer to join the team, The Centurion Pro Table Top Trimmer. It features all the same specs that have made the previous trimmers so popular including the quantanium coated tumbler and the ability to adjust the closeness of your trim. The number one thing is that their tumblers are not coated in Teflon, they are coated in Quantanium. While these may seem like the same thing, Quantanium is made without PTFE/PFOA. This is important as Teflon does have these properties that have known to be harmful. The Table Top Trimmer produces roughly 4-5 pounds an hour, which is amazing for its size. It comes with a standard trim catcher for easy cleanup and after processing. The blower allows you to control the suction power of your machine giving you exact control over the closeness of your trim. All Centurion trimmers have the option to be run with a wet or dry tumbler. Follow this link here to learn more about the Centurion Pro Table Top Trimmer and all the other Centurion Pro Products!

The TrimIt Pro – Most Affordable Commercial Trimmer

TrimIt Pro

The TrimIt Pro 5000 is one of the most affordable commercial trimmers on the market. The low price point and solid design make this a favorite among growers. This dry trimmer comes with two sheering options, stainless steel and plastic. These two shearing bands give growers the ability to run a closer cleaner sheer with the stainless steel band or a softer cut with the plastic sheer. The stainless steel band will need a lubricant when used due to the friction caused by the rotation of the drum. The plastic shear can be run for hours with minimal to no friction heat. Your trim collects underneath the TrimIt Pro in a bin that you will need to provide. The system can run about 2 pounds at a time. You’ll want to run the trimmer for about 5-10 minutes allowing you to process about 10-15 pounds an hour. This is a dry trimmer and you will want to buck your flower before running it through the system. Follow this link here to learn more about the TrimIt Pro 5000 and all the other TrimIt Pro Products!

Versatile Automated Trimmers

There are two companies out right now that are making machines more versatile than the standard automated trimmer. Triminator and The Original Resinator have taken a unique approach to the design of their trimming machines.

Triminator Dry – Trim and Kief All In One


The Triminator Dry bud trimmer is designed to increase the efficiency of your entire harvest, starting from trimming your flower all the way to extracting the essential oils from your trim. This all in one trimmer and extraction machine is changing the way growers process their harvest. This lubricant free trimmer allows users to save and process the trim later by using the Triminator Kief Kit. Turn trash into cash with the Triminator Dry and additional Kief Kit.

The Triminator Dry bud trimmer is specially designed for growers who prefer to trim their flowers dry. The Triminator was designed to be fast, accurate and versatile. It has a long narrow drum, which maximizes cutting surface, resulting in faster trimming of flowers. This automated trimmer comes with a “set and forget” timer, ensuring that you wont over trim your buds. The standard Triminator dry processes 1-2 pounds every 15 minutes. The Triminator is pre-set to cut your buds at the most ideal speed, providing the best possible gentle tumble trim leaving for a perfect finish.

Triminator Dry was designed to be assembled and dis-assembled quickly and easily. No tools or expertise is needed for set-up all thanks to it’s turn-loc system. This dry bud trimmer is portable and designed to go just about anywhere. Simply roll it to where you need to use it. It also has a pull pin system that makes the loading, trimming and emptying process quick and easy. The high quality materials and plastic shearing system reduces friction and the need for lubricants.

The Triminator Dry can be turned into a kief extractor seamlessly with the optional Triminator Kief Kit (sold separately). Using the same turn-loc system as for setup and cleaning, simply swap out the trimmer drum for the Kief Kit to extract your trim. It takes only a few easy steps to turn the Triminator Dry into a kief tumbler. After switching out the tumblers just add dry ice and run like normal. The Kief Kit includes a 150-micron mesh drum, a special catchment tray, and a brush for kief collection. The Triminator Dry does come in a mini version for the smaller growers or for those who just want to run a small amount of trim through the Kief Kit. This machine is easily one of the best dry bud trimmers on the market!

Triminator Dry is one power packed machine that produces stunning results in a matter of minutes. It is time saving and easy to use. The Triminator Dry automated trimmer is just one click away. Follow this link here to learn more about the Triminator Dry and all the other Triminator Products!

The Original Resinator – Trim and Kief All In One


The Original Resinator OG hit the market hard in 2017 making a ton of noise at all the major grow shows and expos. This company has taken trimming and extraction to the next level. The Original Resinator actually flash freezes your buds during the trimming process, trimming buds more precisely while also preserving the precious trichomes on the trim for further processing. It is a bladeless tumble trimmer that allows users to run liquid CO2 into its tumbler, flash freezing the trim. Once the trim is collected this incredibly versatile machine is now ready to be turned into a CO2 or dry ice extraction machine. Simply remove the tumbler from the main drum and replace the trimming screen with the Original Resinator’s Mesh Screen. Inject CO2 or add dry ice and simply run for 2-5 minutes. The after product will absolutely blow you away.

Trim up to 1 lb. per minute! As a trimmer, the OG model has a 1.5 lb capacity while the XL model has a 7 lb capacity. We inject liquid CO2 into our cryogenic chamber and rotate our drum for a minute per pound. Both OG and XL models get 85% of the job done with ease and efficiency. All that is required is to buck down your material before tumbling and a light cleanup after. What typically takes as long as 8 hours of hand trimming to accomplish, can now be done with less than an hour scissor time per pound including bucking & light touchup. Micro CO2 injections brittle leaves with ease and efficiency. Quickly fracturing from flowers and preserving botanical essence while keeping trichomes intact and maintaining terpene profiles. Gently tumbles your material while exterior leaves fall through our mesh screen, ready to collect for additional processing. The whole bodied, high quality trim that remains after CO2 separation is preferred over scissored or bladed trim making for better extracts and pre-rolls! We make Kief, Bubble & Trim… all with the help of Co2. Experience the Resinator difference. Follow this link here to learn more about The Original Resinator OG and all the other Original Resinator Products!

In Conclusion

All these power packed machines produce stunning results in a matter of hours saving time and money. Above all else, investing in an automated trimming machine will save your sanity! Until next year this was your 2017 guide to the 8 best bud trimming methods and automated trimmers on the market today. Have a nice harvest and happy trimming! View all of our bud trimmers here.For more information about Green Envy Supply, go to our Green Envy homepage

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