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Benefits of Growing Hydroponically

Hydroponics is a fast growing industry and is the future of gardening! The ability to grow food without soil, indoors or outdoors, makes growing plants hydroponically the ideal way to provide fresh food in areas that have no land space or where soil is sterile and unable to grow vegetation. Whether you’re a home gardener who would like to have fresh herbs on hand year round or a commercial food grower who would like to extend your growing season and profit margin, growing hydroponically offers many benefits.

ebb flow hydroponic systems

Good for the Environment

Hydroponic gardens use very little natural resources. The water and plant nutrients are constantly recycled and re-used so nothing goes to waste. A hydroponic system uses only one-fourth the amount of fertilizer that a traditional in-ground garden uses, plus there is no need for herbicides or pesticides. Less chemical usage means less poison leaching into soil and natural water systems, and the usage of fewer chemicals means a reduced out-of-pocket expenditure for growing food.

Minimal Water Usage

Even though a hydroponic garden is basically a water garden, less water is used than an in-ground or container garden. With the water constantly being recycled, no water is wasted and very little is lost through evaporation, a hydroponic system uses up to two-thirds less water than other garden types. Water is arguably our most valuable resource. In the United States places like California have been in a serious drought for a few years now. There is a state wide water shortage emergency which has affected all citizens in California. More than ever citizens have been urged to reduce their daily water use. Most city ordinances now state when you can and can’t water your lawns. Trying to grow food in areas like California make growing hydroponically that much more important.

No Land Required

A hydroponic growing system can be set up indoors without using any land space. small indoor spaces can support a vertical growing system that is capable of producing fresh herbs and other small leafy green vegetables. A spare bedroom or garage can be transformed into an indoor garden and provide enough fresh vegetables and fruits year around to meet the needs of a small family. Don’t forget about that extra closet space you have in your own bedroom! There are now grow tent companies producing small grow tents for growers with height restrictions. The major point to take here is that anyone can grow hydroponically regardless of geographic location and space.

More and Better Produce

Since you control the nutrients plants receive, plants will produce a higher yield and more nutrient-dense food than an in-ground garden. Traditional gardens are subject to the elements and those elements dictate when and how much each plant may produce. A hydroponic gardener controls all the growing elements so the produce is bigger, better and more abundant.


De-stress, unwind and enjoy family time while tending to an indoor hydroponic garden. It’s a rewarding and relaxing hobby for all family members and it can help lower blood pressure, stress level and grocery bill while providing you with healthy, organic food to prepare as a family.

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