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Best Smell Proof Bag For Discreet Transportation

Right now if you need to take smelly product from one spot to the next there is no better smell proof bag than the All Weather Odor Lock (AWOL) duffle bag. The AWOL duffle bag was intelligently designed all the way down to carrying straps. The inside liner is carbon activated capturing the strongest of odors. The key feature to the AWOL smell proof bag is the wetsuit zipper keeping the unwanted smells inside and harmful moister outside. The carbon activated velcro flaps make a final tight seal. The tough exterior fabric is made with high quality military grade water repellent fabric.

The bag can be carried by hand, by shoulder or can be worn like a backpack. The bag also comes with X shaped straps on each side for two person carrying capabilities. This odor proof bag comes in two sizes, the XL and the XXL. In the product spotlight featured below you can see that the AWOL XL, which is the smallest of the two bags, was able to fit 18 FULL gallon bags of smelly popcorn with room to spare! The XXL is twice the volume meaning you can expect to fit about 36 gallon bags of product.

Make sure to not to leave a trail of stank behind you and invest in an the stylish All Weather Odor Lock bag today!

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