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Black Dog LED PhytoMAX: The Best LED Grow Lights

Black Dog LED is one of the oldest manufacturers of LED grow lights in the industry, and is continuously striving towards quality and innovation in their mission to create LED products that can successfully replace traditional grow lights. Their first products, created in 2010, were the first LED grow lights on the market to have a full spectrum of light, including both UV light, and NIR light frequencies. Black Dog’s new PhytoMAX series is their best grow light to date. The PhytoMAX line of LEDs is available in 5 different models (PhytoMAX 1000, PhytoMAX 800, PhytoMAX 600, PhytoMAX 400, PhytoMAX 200). Make sure you check out our video review of the Black Dog PhytoMAX 800. As a brand, Black Dog LED is committed to providing quality and innovation to their customers and continually searching for new product ideas and designs to offer to their consumers.

As a research-based company, and as a member in a fast paced industry of ever growing competition, Black Dog LED is committed to ensuring that each of their products is able to meet and exceed industry standards of quality and performance, and is able to out perform competitors products. Each idea and product is stringently tested and studied to ensure that the design is able to stand up to the commercial demands that it will face, and all research done is backed up with studies and laboratory examinations.


The key to their success has been being able to provide products that increase the longevity and yield of plants grown with their LED grow lights, through their emphasis on creating grow lights that are efficient and long lasting. Black Dog LED grow lights are superior to other grow lights available on the market such as HID, HPS, MH, CMH, Induction, Plasma, Fluorescent, “White”, and other LED grow lights because they are commitBlack Dog PhytoMAX 1000 LED Grow Lightted to developing lights that have a broad spectrum of light frequencies that are able to simulate the suns light and create an environment that plants can thrive under.

With Black Dog LED grow lights, you can be confident that your plants will have increased longevity and yield because they are dedicated to the research and development of strong and high quality products, and are the industry leader in LED grow lights.

3 thoughts on “Black Dog LED PhytoMAX: The Best LED Grow Lights

  1. Gabe Smith says:

    Hello there, I loved what you had to say about the grow lights. Any suggestions on brands?

    1. Thank you! Yes, we recommend the Black Dog for sure! You can buy it from us for the cheapest price around and price match guarantee.

  2. John Dupont says:

    I agree, this is a great and informative post for everyone looking for grow lights. I have the black dog and I’m saving up for the second one.

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