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Cannabis Flowering Stages: How to Tell If Your Weed Is Ready

The cannabis growing cycle is divided into 4 cannabis flowering stages: germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering.
During the germination stage, the seeds are sprouted and the seedling begins to emerge.
During the seedling stage, the seedling will start to grow and develop its roots, stems, and leaves, and this stage can take anywhere from one to three weeks.
During the vegetative stage, the plant will begin to grow taller and fuller, and this is the stage when plants need to be pruned and trimmed for optimal growth.
The flowering stage is when the buds will start to form and ripen, and this can take anywhere from six to nine weeks.
To determine when the cannabis plants are ready to harvest, look for visual clues such as trichome color, leaf color, curling leaves, brown pistils, and bud shape. If the majority of trichomes are clear, then the cannabis plants are not yet ready to harvest. If mostly amber trichomes are observed, then the cannabis flowers are overripe.
Drying, trimming, and curing are the important steps to take after harvesting marijuana plants.Understanding the various stages of marijuana growth can help you know when to harvest your cannabis plants for the best possible results. There are many different factors that effect how long cannabis takes to flower, but you can find some general answers here. If you’re a new grower, you might not be sure what Marijuana flowering time means. 
In this article, we will explain the different Marijuana growing stages and what they mean for the plants’ development.

What are the Different Stages of Marijuana Growth?

…& why is it important to know your Cannabis Flowering Stages?
One of the most important things to remember about growing your own marijuana is that it does not all happen at once. You might grow and harvest some plants from your indoor grow space and then plant some seeds and do some seedlings. After this, you’ll also want to plant some cannabis plants that are ready to flower. At this point, your plants are growing and ready to start producing more leaves. They will produce bigger leaves than before, and they might even have some smaller ones, as well. When it comes to cannabis  flowering stages, you’re going to want to check out the next two stages of marijuana growth. At this point, your plants have reached the “flowering” stage of their growth, and they can start to produce flowers.

The Harvesting Process

As the buds on marijuana begin to form buds (cannabis seeds), the first step is to get the plants in the final stages of their growth cycle. This means that you need to figure out which stage your plants are at by looking at the foliage they produce. The buds in the final stages of the growth cycle have a “hollow” appearance and have thicker and darker coloration than buds at earlier stages. As the plants grow, they will also produce “trichomes,” tiny sticky spheres that are used to increase the yield of the plant. You can also tell the stage of the plants’ growth by looking at the height and width of the plants.

How to Tell the Time Your Weed is Ready

Best bet is to observe your cannabis plants for the signs of active growth. Those are: 
  • Flowering: Pale green flowering buds appear on the top of your plants. Typically, these buds are only a few centimeters in length. 
  • Green Tertiary pollen: Your buds start to change color after they begin to bud, even if the pollen is green. This indicates a slow change in growth. 
  • Green-yellow Fallow: Once your plants begin to get close to flowering, they’ll begin to grow from yellow to green with yellow staining. They also drop a lot of green tissue that looks like it was left behind after the flowers fall. The fallow period is also when your plants continue to eat as the pollen continues to fall

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