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Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter for Cleaning Your Garden’s Air

The Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter eliminates nasty orders and other harmful airborne particles keeping your plants safe and your room smelling fresh! Air is cleaned by passing through the filter which contains odor eliminating granular charcoal. This filtering process will remove 99.5% of all odors from your grow room!

Funk Filter Carbon Air FIlter

When removing your filter from the box i recommend placing a towel on the ground if you are worried about your floor getting dusty. The dust is a by product of the granular charcoal used in the filter to purify the air. Dont worry, this is standard for all brands of carbon filters. The white cover over the carbon filter is called a pre-filter. This helps trap dust and other airborne contaminates before entering the filter. Pre-filters drastically improve the overall lifespan of the filter.

You can place your filter standing upright on the ground inside your grow room or you can hang it up using basic straps. Most grow tents come with a set of straps. If you dont already have a pair of straps they can be purchased seperately. The funk filter aluminum housing makes it ultra lightweight while the 2 inch carbon base allows it to outperform many heavier filters. Funk Filter is the most economical filter on the market. You get everything you want in a carbon filter with Funk Filter. When looking for a dependable, long lasting, lightweight carbon air filter look no futher then the Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter! And of course, always remember to grow your own with Green Envy! Click here to learn more and purchase the Funk Filter Carbon Air Filter

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