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Gorilla Grow Tent Review

This Gorilla Grow Tent review offers highlights on the best brand of grow tents on the market. professional quality tents that are perfect for both expert and beginner growers. Their tents are crafted using fabric with a density if 1680D, making them 3 to 9 times thicker than any other grow tents available on the market. The dense fabric allows for a more efficient grow tent, keeping bad light and air out. This creates a perfectly stable environment on the inside leading to better yield.

The Tallest Grow Tent

All Gorilla Grow Tent’s come with adjustable extension kits that allows the grower to adjust the height of the tent to whatever they need in order to accommodate the plants inside. This innovation is something that no other grow tents on the market offer. Being able to adjust the height of the grow tent makes them even more efficient because it allows them to be more compact during the germination and early growth stages, and to be later expanded to accommodate the mature plants.

The frame of the Gorilla Grow Tent is constructed from solid metal that interlocks securely and is capable of supporting up to 300lbs. No other grow tent available on the market is constructed like the Gorilla Grow Tent, making them 2 to 5 times stronger. The roof of the Gorilla Grow Tent has infrared block build in, allowing the tent to be running hot HPS lamps and the surface temperatures of the tent will stay low.

The Strongest Grow Tent

The dense threading used to create the Gorilla Grow Tents allows them to contain noise and odor effectively. The Gorilla Tent also come with a handy flood pool that gets laid at the bottom of the tent to catch any unwanted water spillage. Yes, the flood pool holds water without leaking, keeping the floor beneath safe! The Gorilla Grow Tent contains absolutely no plastic anywhere in their construction, and have the biggest zippers on the market making them easier to access and use. Gorilla Grow Tent’s come equipped with viewing windows that allow the grower to check up on their grow without ever having to interrupted the plants environment. The diamond reflection technology used in the Gorilla Grow Tents allows the unit to be more efficient and produce a more effective growing environment. The tents also come with double Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 4×4 Doorscinching ducting ports, a convenient tool pouch, and bug resistant pre-filters to ensure a safe and neutral growing environment.

We wrap up this Gorilla Grow Tent review discussing the 3 different variations. The GGT Standard, GGT Lite and the GGT Shorty. These 3 different variations all come in many different sizes. All tents are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an industry leading warranty. The best part about the Gorilla Grow Tent warranty is that you will never have to use… These tents were built to last!

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