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Growing Indoor Tomatoes With LED Lights

Growing tomatoes indoors is a great way to have fresh tomatoes year round without having to worry about the weather outside. There are many ways to grow veggies indoors but the newest craze is LED lighting. Growing tomato plants indoors using light emitting diodes (LED’s) offers several advantages to traditionally outdoor gGrowing Tomatoes with LED Lightsrown tomato farming. Growing tomatoes indoors requires a LED that has a broad-spectrum range of color. LED lights must be able to accommodate the plant throughout all stages of growth, from germination and early growth stages, to flowering and fruit production. LED bulbs that include UV, blue, red, and white light in their spectrum are best suited for indoor grown tomatoes because they emit similar wave lengths of light that outdoor tomatoes would receive from the sun in a natural setting. Being able to successfully grow tomatoes indoors allows you to cultivate and harvest tomatoes year round, and frees you from the restrictions that outdoor tomato growing faces.

When growing indoors you have to be very careful that your lighting source does not overheat your crop. Temperature, in addition to light, is an important factor in growing healthy tomato plants indoors. There are many benefits to growing with LED lights and one of the most important benefits is the reasonable amount of heat they emit. LED lights do not generate the same heat as the natural light from the sun outside, and it is therefore important to maintain a proper indoor temperature in order to allow the plant to bloom and successfully produce the tomato fruit. Indoor tomato growing requires a temperature range between 65 °F – 85°F. Temperatures that deviate too far from that range can result in either a slow or under developed plant, or a tired and leggy plant that is unable to produce.

Watering tomatoes that have been grown indoors with the assistance of LED lights is going to be much different than watering tomatoes grown outside. Since LED lights do not generate the same heat as light outside from the sun, the soil that the tomatoes grow in will not dry out as quickly. It is important to not over water the plants because it can lead to root rot and other diseases that can harm or kill the plant. Over watering can also cause the blooms to drop before the fruits have had a chance to produce. Overall, growing tomatoes indoors with the aid of LED lights allows you to grow beautiful tomatoes year round, and is an easy adjustment for anyone looking to extend the natural growing season. And when comparing to other traditional indoor lighting like HID lights LED’s are outperforming in every way.


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