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Growing Tomatoes With an Indoor Grow Kit

Tomatoes are supper yummy but home grown tomatoes are heavenly! Imagine being able to have fresh tomatoes year round even during snow season. You can grow tomatoes that are totally organic, non GMO and healthy for your family easily in an indoor grow kit.

Indoor-Vegetable-Gardeninggrow tent kits

How we achieve the garden fresh tomato plants indoors, is in a grow tent. Grow tent kits allow you to create the perfect growing environment for any plants or veggies. Along with a grow tent you need a grow light, a ballast and ventilation system. Tomatoes need a minimum of 7 hours of sunlight. The wonderful thing about a grow tent is you can give your plants the right amount of light daily allowing you to grow the best tomatoes. Like most purchases in life you can get very basic or you can get super fancy depending on your budget. Easy to use and easy to set up so don’t feel like you have to have an engineering degree to setup an indoor grow system.

There are just a few simple things to remember when growing indoors with a grow tent kit. Proper ventilation is extremely important to setup correctly. A few hours under a high pressure sodium light without ventilation will kill any crop you have growing.

You might want to consider an ebb and flow system for your tomato plants. This is a very earth friendly option. Watering your plants is super easy with most ebb and flow bucket systems now that they are automated. Set a watering schedule and forget about it until the nutrients need replaced. Buckets filled with clay pellets replace dirt, each plant is in a basket and a nutrient rich solution is used to grow gorgeous tomatoes. No need for dirt makes this a very cool indoor DIY project. The pellets can be used over and over saving you money over time.

Grow tents come in a variety of sizes. So you should be able to find just the right space in your home.
Picking the right tent is key to success in your indoor garden. Let the store guide you in choosing the proper lighting and equipment needed. Grow tent packages are available saving you a bundle of money. This is perfect especially in hot climates where gardening won’t be fun due to extreme heat. Bring the tomato garden inside. Hot or cold you will have fresh tomatoes year round.

Using a grow tent kit to set up an indoor garden creates a small ecosystems that when done properly will help you produce wonderful results, and in this case huge ripe tomatoes.

3 thoughts on “Growing Tomatoes With an Indoor Grow Kit

  1. Nick Kennedy says:

    I am just beginning with 3 x 1,000w MH lights. They are duals. I also have a 600w HPS ballast lamp. I started May 1st. in a small room off my mobile home. For now, I just have 2 x 1,000w MHs running about 12-13 hrs per day. If it is sunny outside, I shut off one lamp and take about half my plants out. I have about 25 tomato plants and a few peppers growing in pots with soil. I want to continue all winter. When should I plant seeds for next batch? Maybe after I harvest first crop? I have to figure out the proper time-line for cycling about 25-30 pots year round, so that my pots are empty and ready to accept new seedlings to start a new cycle.

    1. ges_admin says:

      In order to keep my crop going year round I always plant a new batch of whatever i’m growing about 4 weeks before I harvest my fruited crop. It gives my new plants just the right amount of time to veg before I transplant to my main grow room for flower. I usually give them another week or two to adjust before I start to flower. I hope this helps!

  2. So much easier with a grow tent then without! Highly recommend investing in one if you plan to grow indoors.

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