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How to Grow Cannabis: Using LED Lights for Outdoor Cultivation

Growing cannabis can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right knowledge and tools, anyone interested in cultivating their own weed can do so with minimal effort. This article will cover how LED lights work and how they are used for growing marijuana indoors.

What are LED Lights?

The basic definition of an LED is a light emitting diode. Basically, LED lights emit a continuous and even light, allowing plants to grow in a smooth and even fashion. The simple color of an LED is blue, green, or red, and they emit a decent amount of light. Some LED lights even work as a light fixture. Cannabis is the first plant that uses LED light bulbs for cultivation. LED lights are great because they save space and require less energy. For growing indoors, they also produce a high amount of light. LED lights can be used for growing indoors or outdoors, depending on the environment. They can be used in places with little natural light, such as apartments and dorms. In very high doses, cannabis is toxic and it could cause harm to plants in low light conditions.

How to Grow Weed Using LED Lights

The first and most important aspect of growing weed is selecting the right lighting fixture to use. As many are not as familiar with how they operate and where they can be used, this can prove to be a complex task. 
How to Grow Weed Using an Incandescent Bulb: When selecting a power adapter for your incandescent light bulb, make sure it has 4+ amps for each bulb, and is capable of sending about 20 to 25 watts per bulb. You will need one or two light bulbs for this example. Â Many suppliers will sell it as one bulb, but you will have to replace it when it burns out or you need more than one bulb to grow marijuana.

Why Use LEDs for Growing Cannabis?

For one, LEDs save a lot of energy. They use less power and last longer than the mercury-filled lamps commonly used in indoor cultivation. And it’s not like an LED bulb is any less hot than a compact florescent one. Unlike T5 fluorescent lights, which are notorious for causing burns in the palm of your hand, an LED bulb will give off a minimum of heat when it gets too hot to handle. Unfortunately, we don’t have a giant list of LED grow lights on Amazon that are suited for indoor marijuana growing. This is where our guide comes in. We’ve researched and tested the best LED grow lights and are sharing the top options for indoor marijuana growers.

The Advantages of Using LEDs

LED lights are a very attractive option for growing cannabis. Not only are they energy efficient and use far less power than incandescent bulbs, but they also produce a much brighter light than warm-colored bulbs. This means you can grow larger and more vibrant plants with fewer and less costly bulbs. You can get high-intensity LEDs with other types of bulbs, but these bulbs also have disadvantages. Warm-colored bulbs need special equipment to control light intensity and heat them up, which can be costly to do properly. Additionally, fluorescent and halogen bulbs have shorter lifespans than LED, which is another potential expense you could pay. LED is a far better option for marijuana growers who want to be sure that their plants get enough light to thrive and harvest well.

LED Lighting and Low-Temperature Cultivation

What is a low-temperature grow? This is a method of growing that uses low temperatures to extend the growing season. The low temperatures and extended seasons allow for lush growth that helps produce healthier buds.

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