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How To Grow Weed in Water Using Hydroponics: Grow Weed Without Soil

Hydroponics are one of the best ways to grow plants in water because, unlike soil-based gardening, there are no limitations on what you can grow. Here’s how you can use hydroponics to grow weed in water with ease.

Materials you will need

2x Solo Cup Grease, Small Scissors.
Steps to Grow Weed in Water: 
Step #1: Empty your Solo cup Grease into your Solo cup and set aside. You will now have a small bowl of weed inside your Solo cup Grease. Using your scissor, cut your weed in half and set the lower piece aside for you to smoke later. 
Step #2: Place the upper piece of weed into your jar and flip it over so it’s facing up. 
Tip: If your weed is ready to smoke, it’s time to pull the bud. You can do this by placing your finger on the bud and slowly turning it until it pops. 
Step #3: Use your small scissors to cut a thin triangle out of the plastic lid of the Solo cup Grease. This makes a hole for your Leaf Cutter to stick in when you later use it to cut your weed down.
Step One: Preparing the Growing Medium
All of your growing medium should be pH balanced and you can find this information through your local gardening store or online. You will want to use a 2:1 or 3:1 (water to nutrient) ratio. The pH of your growing medium will be high enough to grow weed without damaging the root system or soil. The best method of applying a nutrient is through a hydroponic drip system. This means that you place a bag of nutrient directly into the water system. You can also mix your nutrient into the water before you place your plant in the water but there is a risk that too much nutrient will get into the water system which would make it less effective for growth.
Step Two: Placing the Plants
If you have already purchased a hydroponics setup, place the newly-purchased plants in your setup. 
Step Three: Preparing Your Water
If you’re using a dedicated glass jar, you can simply fill it up with water and wait for it to completely fill. 
Step Four: Preparing the Nutrient Mix Hydroponic
Mixes come in varying amounts depending on the size of the plant you want to grow. When you’re ready to start growing plants in water, select a particular nutrient mixture. The quantity will depend on the size of the plant, and you can adjust the amount by using a large or small container. 
Step Five: Preparing the Nutrients 
Put the plant in the jar, cover the top with a lid, and place it in the growing container. You will need to slowly drip the nutrient mixture into the jar.
Step Six: Fertilizing and Feeding Your Plants
When using hydroponic gardening you must fertilize and feed your plants regularly. When using soil you only need to fertilize once per month or once per year. You can use the same plant food but in hydroponics it doesn’t last very long and if you don’t use it fast enough it will turn into mold which is not good for your plants. You can also add some nutrients to your water that the plants can eat. Stake plants when growing in your house rather than putting them directly in the water so that you can harvest your plants at the same time. This helps make sure that the plants don’t over grow and that they stay healthy. 
Step Seven: Planting Your Plants 
Plant seeds in a container of compost for your plants. You can also use a sphagnum moss mix.

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