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How To Make Craft Cannabis: The Alternative to Pot

Craft Cannabis is a new company that has been making waves in the cannabis industry. With their innovative and patented extraction process, they are able to provide premium quality oils with no fillers or additives for an affordable price. They have plans to open up retail locations across the United States very soon so sign up for updates on their website.

How to Make the Ultimate Craft Cannabis

Here are the steps to making your own cannabis-infused food: 
  1. Create a blank 12 ounce plastic freezer bag.
  2. Use one of the cannabis infused oils you have created in the food processor to make sure it is to the consistency of ice cream.
  3. Using one of the hand blender’s on the market, slowly blend the contents of your freezer bag. It should only take a couple of minutes to blend completely.
  4. Take your alcohol extraction device of choice and put it over the mixture and slowly press the lever to extract as much alcohol as possible.
  5. Allow the now flavored vodka to cool off.

How to Make Your Own Craft Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a more accessible and affordable way to consume your cannabis. It can be made at home in a few simple steps. Here is a step by step how to for your cannabis oil and vape oil: 
  1. Choose your marijuana strain– make sure you find an organic strain. 
  2. Select an organic cannabis oil grinder. 
  3. Make your cannabis oil by putting your marijuana in your grinder and filling it with cannabis oil. 
  4. When your oil is completely done grinding, set it aside. We recommend putting your dry cannabis in your fridge for two hours to dry it out a bit before using. 
  5. Put the filled up grinded cannabis oil grinder back into your food processor. 
  6. Use a hand blender to process the cannabis oil and add in any other herbs or spices you wish. 
  7. When done, your oil is now ready to use.

Why Craft Cannabis?

While the cannabis industry has been labeled the next big cash cow, many new companies entering the market don’t always leave it looking or tasting the way you would like it to. People look for natural and sustainable products for themselves and their families. This is why so many people are turning to craft cannabis – they want to avoid any animal testing or harmful chemicals that are sometimes found in the cannabis industry. With craft cannabis, you will know that you are getting high-quality oils, extracts, and tinctures that will not only provide you with your desired results, but will also be good for the environment.

Benefits of Making Your Own Craft Cannabis Oil

Many people are familiar with the well-known problem of getting bud that’s poorly passed through a mesh screen and smell awful. Craft Cannabis is working to provide an alternative solution by inventing a patent-pending technique that has allowed them to produce mass amounts of cannabis oil, no matter the potency of the product, in an affordable manner.

How to Use Your Craft Cannabis Oil

You can use your craft cannabis oils in so many ways. 
  • They can be used for cooking, baking, and even for marijuana infused food items. 
  • The oils can be used with waxes, butters, tinctures, and extracts to create cannabis infused pastries, cookies, and other culinary delights. 
  • Craft cannabis can also be used as an alternative to smoking for those who want to start using cannabis for health purposes or if they prefer a safer way to consume cannabis without the risk of fire or poisoning. 
  • Craft cannabis can also be used as an alternative to smoking to relieve pain, seizures, and chronic pain.

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