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How To Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds: The Easiest Way to Breed Marijuana

Feminization is a process that makes a male plant change into a female. Feminized marijuana seeds are produced by injecting hormones into the plant during their growth that cause it to change its sex. This is also called gynodioecy,which means having both genders in one plant. Many people differentiate between feminized and regular cannabis or marijuana seeds. This article will show you how to make feminized seeds and how they can help you increase your yield with less work.

What is Feminization?

Feminization is when plants change from male to female. All this happens through the controlled and deliberate application of synthetic male hormones in the seeds of female plants to force them to grow as male plants. The hormones work by mimicking female hormones, causing cells to grow in a different way. This changes the DNA, causing the plant to grow differently. In the process, the plant is no longer classified as a female, but a male. Females are much smaller than males, but can have much more powerful effects. Males can only go up to about 2 inches in height and will not be strong enough to keep a human alive. Males are, however, much more desirable for their flowers and buds. Males can survive for about 6-8 months after flowering.

How to Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Creating feminized marijuana seeds is easy if you follow these steps: Grow the seedlings and cannabis. Do not worry if they are bigger or smaller than the average marijuana seedling. It is not necessary to do gynodioecology as explained above. Bring the cannabis plants to a fully grown stage. They should look like a plant with male parts. Seed them with the femoral area of the cannabis seed and sex organs. It is called the coi. Leave the seeds to dry overnight. This process will give the seeds a female appearance. This is what you are looking for. It is recommended that you wait till the seeds are completely dry before planting them into the soil. There should be no air pockets in the grains or the seeds. Strain the seeds thoroughly.

Feminization Process

This process of making marijuana feminized seeds is done by injecting hormones. The first step is to draw female cells on male plant stem. This is the stage in which plants are injected with hormones that will cause them to become female. According to medical cannabis facts, the ratio of male to female is 78% and 22% respectively. Hence, it is the best to use 78% female cells. That’s why, you can use anything from a menstrual pad to paraffin wax to draw the female cells. After that, you will need to use a razor blade to remove the female cells. This will be easier if you have a sharp razor. So if you want to make a feminized plant, start by making regular seeds. 

The Benefits of Feminizing Your Cannabis or Marijuana Seeds

1. Faster maturation: When you make feminized seeds, you will end up with seeds that are mature a bit faster than normal seeds. This means that when you plant these seeds you will get bigger cannabis plants and they will start growing faster. This process will speed up your production because the plants will grow faster and produce a higher quality harvest. 
2. Less work: Feminizing your seeds is not hard at all and it only requires a little tweaking. If you already have a grow room, all you need to do is make some adjustments to your grow lights and grow mix. You can make these adjustments in just a matter of minutes and you will be able to produce a better crop of feminized seeds than the ones you could produce with normal seeds. 

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