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Hydroponic Nutrients For Beginners: Base vs. Additives

As the trend grows towards hydroponic gardening, so does the confusion regarding plant nutrition.

New growers are mystified by the array of products available that all promise to promote bigger, better and more plant production. Well we are here to help you quickly learn essentials behind the major nutrient brands on the market today. Let’s take some of the mystery out of the growing process by looking at the differences between base nutrients (the essentials) and additives (your extras).

Nutrients For Beginners

Base Nutrients
General Hydroponics Flora Series

This is plant food. It’s the essential fertilizer given to hydroponic plants on a regular feeding schedule. Plants need base nutrients in order to grow, bloom and produce. Almost all base nutrients come in two or three part series. The most common base nutrients you will see are Grow, Bloom and Micro. If you find a two part series that is only Grow and Bloom that means the micro-nutrient is already included in both. You can go through an entire grow cycle with only using these two or three base nutrients. This is one of the reasons why growers love growing hydroponically. It’s incredibly easy to use inevitably leading to a successful grow!

Take the guesswork out of what to add and when by following the feed schedules provided by the nutrient company. Using the wrong nutrients or additives at the wrong time or in the wrong amount could cause the demise of plants, and no grower wants that. The three-part base Flora Series by General Hydroponics is hands down the most popular base fertilizer used in the industry today. It’s a high quality nutrient that’s easy to follow, making it great for beginners and experienced growers. It contains both organic matter and synthetic/chemical compounds that will nourish plants from seedlings to maturity. The organic base contains kelp and molasses that will provide consistent water pH levels and growth hormones for the plants. The kelp and molasses are in just the right amounts to promote a vigorous growing and bloom cycle. Growing 100% organic is great but many growers find that adding a chemical component can boost yield dramatically. A synthetic magnesium is packed into to the three part fertilizer providing your plant with a more balanced nutrient profile to feed off of. Click here to learn more about the Flora Series.

Nutrient Additives

Humboldt County's Own Additives

Additives are everything that is not essential plant food. There are many different types of additives available and they all promote different types of plant production. You will find different enzyme products, acidity adjusters, vitamins, humic acids and microhizae just to name a few available to hydroponic growers. Some additives keep the pH level of the water balanced while other additives promote plant growth or bloom production. For seasoned hydroponic growers, there are several solo additives available to promote plant growth and blooms at different stages of the growing cycle. Every seasoned grower has their own special recipe when it comes to additives.

Humboldt County’s Own is known as a leader in the industry when it comes to additives. They do extensive product research with the best growers in Humboldt County. They only produce additives that have been approved by the toughest critics in the industry. One of their most popular additives is Humboldt County’s Own Magnum, a high-potency magnesium/sulfur boost that also contains vitamin B1that enables the plants to uptake more CO2 and light for increase bud production. This will allow your plants to reach their absolute full potential when it comes to yield. And don’t forget to checkout Humboldt County’s Own Snow Storm, an amino acid profile that stimulates and increases the plants oil and fragrance production. The name should give it away but using Snow Storm especially towards the end of your grow will give you that frosted look that everyone strives for. Click here to learn more about Humboldt County’s Own Additives.

Nutrient Forms – Liquid vs. Granular

Dakine 420 Nutrients

Base nutrients and additives will come in different forms, either liquid or granulated. Almost all nutrients are concentrated and must be diluted with water prior to using. Neither form is better than the other, just different, and it’s a matter of personal preference which form you choose to use. Generally liquid nutrients are more popular among growers but granulated or powdered nutrients are easier to store and are less messy. Dakine 420 is straight out of Northern California and these guys have fine-tuned their powder formula to have your plants looking like they should be entered into the nearest flower contest. And many growers are doing just that. Dakine 420 would tell you that they are brains behind multiple High Times awards and I believe them. Just check out some of the Dakine 420 videos for proof…

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