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Ideal Temperature for Marijuana Plants: How to Grow Weed in a Home

We all know that marijuana plants need the right temperature to grow. But what is it? Well, according to Science Daily,“plants grown at a higher-than-optimal temperature will produce more leaves and less flowers.” This post talks about how there are different ideal temperatures for different types of plants.

What is Ideal Temperatures for Marijuana Plants?

There are two main factors that determine the ideal temperature for marijuana plants: number of hours of light and the temperature outside. Number of Hours of Light Light is very important for our green friends. It determines the chemical and physical changes that happen in your plants. We do not have light all day in the winter, so what can we do to increase it? It is said that “light bulbs could be used to simulate summer heat” but don’t worry, this post won’t tell you how to get your head cut off by frost. Other than that, there are two other factors that affect the number of hours of light a marijuana plant gets: height and temperature.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Temperature

A helpful rule to remember, especially for marijuana plants, is that plants that require more heat (think edibles) are grown in warm areas and plants that thrive in cooler areas are grown in hot areas. Here is the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature. Indoor vs. Outdoor Temperature Ideas You can start with the ideal temperature temperature (or a range that is appropriate) for a marijuana plant and work from there. For indoor plants, it’s usually between 70-95 degrees. That’s warm enough for them to grow and they can still be exposed to the sun and natural light. If you have an outdoor space, it’s about 75-85 degrees. It’s in these lower temperatures that plants will be happiest. That said, temperatures in excess of 105 degrees and below 5 degrees may kill a plant.

The Ideal Temperature for Growing Cannabis

Under-the-radar growers know that their best option for grow temperature is between 65 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature for under-the-radar growers is 65 degrees Fahrenheit because they don’t want to move to a warmer place to help their plants get bigger. If you want to help your plants grow bigger and stronger, you can reduce the temperature to as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit to help them out. This is actually a good option for the under-the-radar growers because you’re not polluting your house with chemicals that the rest of your family will get if you put your plants out in the open. Advantages of Growing Marijuana in the Home: There are actually lots of benefits to growing marijuana in your home instead of a greenhouse.


Those are the main differences and reasons for growing marijuana in a home versus a commercial facility. It doesn’t matter which is better and where one chooses to do the growing. At the end of the day, you can do both and turn your home into a grow house. It’s completely up to you. Do you have the right equipment to do it safely and right? You know what? It’s only 2016 and we’re still arguing about this! I do think there’s a lot of room for home grow though. If you’re curious and want to know more about growing marijuana in your house, I suggest you search online about it or look up the local county and state laws. If you decide to do this, remember to wear protective gloves and special lighting and grow air filters.

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