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Indoor Grow Kits Are The Wave Of The Future

The main excuse people give for not growing their own fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits is not having the knowledge to grow plants. The second excuse is not having the time to invest in gardening. All-in-one indoor grow kits, like the 5×5 Kind LED Grow Tent Kit sold here at Green Envy Supply, take away both of those excuses and gives you a reason to start growing your own organic food today!

Indoor Grow Tent Kitsled grow tent kits

Grow Anywhere!

An indoor hydroponic garden system allows you to grow fresh food anywhere, at anytime of the year. A hydroponic garden is not subject to the outside elements, so late frosts, frozen soil, short summers or severe weather has no impact on the amount of, or quality of, the food that can be produced in an all-in-one grow kit. You have complete control of your environment allowing you to give whatever it is that your growing the perfect environment to thrive! All-in-one indoor grow kits come in several sizes, ranging from 2×2 to 5×5, making them perfect for use in city apartments, condos or townhomes.

No Guess Work!

An all-in-one indoor grow kit comes with everything needed to get you off to a great gardening start. No guess work about lighting, filters, fans, etc. All you have to do is place your grow kit order with Green Envy Supply, supply your own pots and plants of your choice, and you’ll be ready to start growing!

Save Money!

When the grow tent, grow lights, filters, fans and all other equipment is purchased together in a kit, the cost is significantly less than if the items were purchased separately. The 5×5 Black Dog LED indoor grow kit (and other sizes) even comes with a roll of duct tape. Everything you need to get you up and growing will be in the kit (except pots and plants).

Quality Expertise!

All items in the indoor grow kits are quality constructed and put together by our in house gardening experts. Meetings where set and plans were drafted for each and every package.

The polypropylene grow tent has an extra strong zippesr, metal poles, ceiling bars, is light proof and is very easy to clean. We suggest pairing any tent with an LED light which produces very little heat and uses very little electricity. The carbon filter removes over 95% of odors and the duct fan is constructed from high quality molded impeller and has a thermally protected AC motor. All other components of these all-in-one indoor grow kits are expertly crafted and constructed from quality material.

One of the friendly and knowledgeable members of the Green Envy sales team will help you mix and match components so you can receive the all-in-indoor one grow kit that is perfect for your gardening needs! Give us a call: 1-866-GRN-ENVY

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