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Industry’s Most Affordable Grow Tent – OneDeal

Whats up growers. I’m here to introduce the industries most economical grow tent for indoor gardening. Meet the ONEDeal Grow Tent. Designed by DL wholesale in San Francisco, these tents offer all the advanced features as the major brands, but at an incredibly low price.

One Deal Grow Tent

DESIGN and VALUE were at the heart of this new collection and both were most definitely achieved! The OneDeal grow tent comes in multiple sizes and features: reinforced plastic corners- offering higher durability, double synch intake/outlet ports- allowing for an air tight seal, velcro door latches- to keep the front doors open, flood tray- for any accidental spills, a customized silver coating inner linning- for optimal light reflectivity, high quality stitching and zippers- for increased light proof ability and mesh vents that help keep unwanted contaminants.

Its an incredibly lightweight tent yet has the strength to support your entire setup. What more could you really ask for? The OneDeal grow tents allow to you control the grow environment of your indoor garden with ease without breaking the bank.

Let the OneDeal Grow Tent and Green Envy take you and your garden to next level! Always remember to grow your own with Green Envy! Click here to learn more and purchase the entire OneDeal Grow Tent lineup of products.

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