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Is Buying LED Grow Lights Worth The Cost?

Buying LED grow lights can be an expensive initial cost and many growers are concerned that they will never see the return. When you are thinking about growing plants indoors, you have to consider several things, most importantly is probably the lighting. Whether you are moving plants to a greenhouse, or into a home or garage, the lighting that you choose will determine the yield and success of the plants. There are many lighting options available on the market for you to choose from, each option having its own benefits and downfalls. Only one stands out and is both more economical and efficient than the alternatives.

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Buying LED grow lights, while often a more expensive option to other grow lights, pay themselves off throughout their life time and have many benefits. First, LED grow lights have perfect spectrum for growing plants indoors or out of the direct light of the sun, which means that they are a suitable substitute to natural light. They can be tailored to whatever you are growing, whether it is a vegetation crop, or a flowering or produce crop, and can be adjusted to meet all stages of the plants grow cycle. They are often smaller than other options on the market, and can be placed closer to the plants themselves because they do not produce as much heat as other grow lights, and do not require as much ventilation. The lack of heat an LED light produces means less chance your indoor grow room has of over heating and killing your crop.

The electrical cost of running an LED light compared to your average HID lamp is going to be about 60% less. This is a tremendous savings on a monthly basis. Compared to other grow lights, LED grow lights can last a much longer time, and due to their lightweight, do not require big and bulky overhead frames like heavier grow light alternatives need. LED grow lights can be small enough to position on clips and small frames, and can even be moved around the grow area for better overall coverage due their compact size. Brands like Kind LED, Black Dog LED and California Lightworks are constantly pushing the envelope in the growing industry tweaking their light designs to be as efficient as possible.

In the end, while the initial investment in buying LED grow lights can be larger, through the lifespan of the LED grow light you will be saving money because they are more energy efficient, cheaper to run, produce minimal heat, last longer, and have a perfect spectrum range for any growth phase.

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