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Kind LED Review: Advanced LED Grow Lights

Big footprint yields a big output. This new generation of indoor grow lights produces 650 watt actual output with 320 LED diodes, and it does it within a five feet square of space. Our Kind LED review on this advanced grow light system (K5 series) guarantees growers will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, under a quieter and cooler running lighting system. The Kind LED XL 1000 and the Kind LED XL 750 will run more efficiently than any other grow light, and that comes with a manufacturer backed guarantee as well.

kind led grow lightKind-LED-L600-Top

How It Works

The K5 Series is comprised of the perfect mix of 3 & 5 watt Light Emitting Diodes (LED), covering the three primary color ranges needed to bring plants from the seedling stage through to harvest. The LED lights can be dimmed and intensified individually to give plants their ideal spectral ratios throughout the growing stages. The Secondary Optical Lenses individually focus and intensify the output of every single diode, significantly magnifying PAR and increasing canopy penetration. The 5 watt LEDs emit an intense amount of light and have the ability to penetrate the plants canopy. The 3 watt LEDs prevent the intense lighting from providing too much heat and increase the system’s efficiency.

The extra large footprint of the K5 Series provides a truly lit canopy space so the plants under it can mature properly and produce the desired harvest.


The K5 Series has a fully customizable spectrum that allows the user to adjust the spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of their plants. This advanced grow light system also allows for specific spectrum control so it can be used for all plant genus in any indoor growing environment. The customizable lighting system makes it perfect for all hydroponic gardeners, from home growers to larger agriculture operations.

Power Usage

This new generation of LED lighting uses approximately one-half the amount of electricity as other grow lights of equal size. The heat output generated by the K5 Series, including the Kind XL 750, is a mere fraction of that generated by other HID lighting systems of equal size. The Kind LED lights use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming that allows the light to only consume as much power as it needs to drive the diodes at their set level of brightness.

Remote Operation

All of the lighting functions are run from a remote. The convenient hand-held remote allows the grower to control 1 or 100 LED bulbs simultaneously from one small device. To finish off the Kind LED review is the sleek design making Kind LED advanced grow light system as easy to look at as it is to operate!

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