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Oxygen Pot Systems XL Super Flow Review

Whats up growers! I’m very excited to introduce what is quickly becoming the most popular hydroponic system in the industry, The Oxygen Pot Systems XL Super Flow! Designed and manufactured in Southern California, the Super Flow bucket system is the most unique and intelligently designed ebb and flow system on the market!


The term Ebb and Flow refers to the way the nutrient solution is delivered to the plants. Ebb and Flow defined is the rhythmic pattern of coming and going. Meaning this hydroponic system works by filling the buckets with nutrient solution, and then draining it back out in the reservoir multiple times throughout the day.

Most ebb and flow systems have the plants grow directly in plastic buckets, which can lead to a few problems. The SuperFlow bucket system really stands out by featuring high-grade aerating fabric pots. These fabric pots line the inside of their buckets providing a ton of benefits when compared to growing directly in the plastic. Aside from using clay pebbles as a grow medium, the thick fabric pots allow you to grow with soil and coco, which is unheard of for ebb and flow systems! Nutrients stay fresh and oxygen levels are increased as your nutrient solution passes back and forth through the aerating pots. Growing in fabric pots also decreases your chance of root rot!

The huge 4.5 gallon buckets give your plants plenty of room to grow massive roots. And you know what they say about plants with big roots, The Bigger the Root, the Bigger the Fruit. The intelligently designed bottom drain port ensures that nothing is left behind.

The brain behind the oxygen pot system is the powerful gro commander.The commander unit controls how often and how much your plants get fed. Coming in both analog and digital options, the commander makes controlling how often your plants get fed a breeze, allowing you to set and forget your system! One commander unit can control up to up to 36 sites! Just Remember to change your nutrients once every 7-10 days and that’s it! You’re ready to start growing like a pro.

Let the Oxygen Pot super flow system and green envy take you and your garden to next level!And of course, always remember to grow your own with Green Envy! Click here to learn more and purchase the entireOxygen Pot Systems lineup of products.

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