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Root Rot Treatment

The roots are the heart of the plant, pulling the nutrients from either the soil or your nutrient solution and conveying them to the rest of the plant. Root problems are often the most common reason that a plant in an indoor garden doesn’t produce.

root rot
Root Rot in a Hydroponic System

Prevent Root Rot

Root problems like root rot can decimate an entire garden. One of the leading causes of root rot happens by overwatering or drowning your plants. A healthy root system needs the right amount of nutrients and oxygen to thrive. The root system of the plant acts as the mouth and the lungs by sucking up nutrients and absorbing oxygen. When your crop doesn’t get oxygen they die! Make sure to keep your plants on a healthy feeding schedule and watch for any signs of overfeeding. Another easy way to prevent root rot and other root problems is to make sure that your entire system is properly cleaned and sterilized before you put it together. Once your equipment is sterilized, it is much harder to introduce these root pathogens into the system.

When Prevention Fails, Treat Root Rot

Unfortunately, once the pathogens have already been introduced into the system, there isn’t much that can be done other than removing the plants, discarding the contaminated plants and nutrient solution, sterilizing the equipment and starting over again.

Maintaining a properly aerated system is one of the easiest ways to prevent root rot. These pathogens thrive in low-oxygen environments. Improper nutrient balance and unregulated temperatures can also give the root rot a chance to thrive and destroy your crops.

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