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Simple Way To Add Co2 To Indoor Gardens

Increase the carbon dioxide levels in your grow room with the EZ Co2. EZ CO2 is a natural, safe, and inexpensive way of providing your plants with carbon dioxide (CO2). Why add Co2? During photosynthesis plants absorb light to turn water and carbon dioxide into sugars in order to feed the plant. By increasing the levels of Co2 in your garden you ultimately increase the plants access food.

CO2 For Grow Rooms

This is how the EZ co2 works. The housing contains mycelium, which is a fungus. The fungus works opposite a normal plant; it breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide. The mycelium lives by eating the organic matter around it. The EZ Co2 contains enough organic matter to live up 6 months, essentially creating a natural, self-sustained, inexpensive CO2 generator. Avoid large generators and tanks! The increased carbon dioxide levels in your grow room will give you denser buds, faster growth cycles and bigger yields.

The Co2 releases out of the patch So make sure not to remove it. Carbon dioxide is absorbed through the leaves of the plant so you want to make sure to hang your EZ co2 above your garden as co2 is denser then air and will fall to the ground when released. Remember to never puncture the bag as a sealed environment is necessary for the EZ co2 to work properly. The EZ Co2 comes in two sizes. Large, which covers a 4ft x 4ft grow area and Extra Large which covers a 6ft x 6ft grow area. Always remember to grow your own with Green Envy. Click here to learn more and purchase the EZ CO2 Large and EZ CO2 Extra Large

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