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The Best Strain to Grow – What is the Best Marijuana Strain For You?

What cannabis strains are most popular to grow? Well, that’s a difficult question. There is no one answer to this because there are many factors involved in choosing the best cannabis strain for you and your needs. This blog post will help you understand more about what goes into choosing a good strain.

The Importance of a Good Marijuana Strain

Even if you choose a good strain, there is a lot of room for variation from grower to grower, or in your particular area. That variation means there will be different, unique experiences for each person that grows a cannabis plant. People will have different goals, likes, and dislikes when it comes to getting high. When you buy cannabis from a store, the strain does not have the same level of variation that it will have once you plant it on your own indoor or outdoor growing space. The small differences in the genetics of cannabis plants can have huge impacts on the experiences you can have when you smoke a particular strain. The biggest factor when choosing a strain is the desired level of marijuana intoxication. This is known as “getting high”.

The Difference Between Sativa and Indica

In order to answer your question, you must first understand what cannabis strains are and what they look like. Sativa strains are generally the ones you want to grow if you have energy and thrive on stimulation. Indica strains are the ones that will slow your pace and take a lot of patience. Depending on how you are going to grow your weed, either strain will suit your needs well. So if you want the strain that will energize you while you tend your plants, choose a Sativa. If you want the strain that will relax you and give you some energy to get through the day, choose an Indica strain. Different Scents of Your Cannabis If you want to grow sativa strains, you have to be able to keep your growing area clean.

Determining the Best Type of Cannabis for You

Before we get into the details of selecting the best strain, let’s first talk about what factors should go into our decision. You can’t grow a strain that has the same traits as someone else’s strain. So, before we talk about what’s important, we have to consider what your needs are and what you are looking for in a strain. A Summary of the Factors to Consider Obviously, you can’t grow a strain that is identical to another. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find strains that are close to what you want. There are three important factors to take into consideration when selecting a strain. Consider Your Viability Although you might want the same type of strain as someone else, that doesn’t mean that strain will grow for you.

How to Choose the Best Strain For You

The first thing that you need to know is that there is no ‘right’ way to select the best cannabis strain for you. There is no black and white answer here. It’s a bit like choosing your favorite musician, movie or TV show. Everyone’s taste is different. Here are some questions you might want to consider when you’re looking to find the right cannabis strain: Does the strain have a good response to THC? Many strains have good THC tolerance, which means that they are tolerant to THC and can handle more THC than other strains. The best strains for most people will be tolerant to more THC, allowing them to get a high and feel a good ‘high’ more quickly. Does the strain have a good tolerance to cannabidiol(CBD)? CBD is one of the most important cannabinoids in cannabis.


When it comes to deciding on the best cannabis strains for growing, the decision is based on a number of factors. The best strain for growing requires careful selection. This is because a strain that is chosen to grow for one person, may not work for another. There are some considerations that a new cannabis grower should take into consideration. These include the factors that I’ve described above. They are important to note because they have a big impact on the quality of cannabis you produce. They can also help you save time and money as well.

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