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Tips On When to Water Cannabis Plants, How Often?

Cannabis plants are very sensitive to changes in temperature and light. If you don’t do anything, your plants will dry out fast. But if you add some water, your plants will grow faster and stronger. However, there’s a right amount of water that the cannabis plant needs to survive. Here are some tips on when to water cannabis plants, so you can better manage their growth and keep them healthy.

The Basics of Cannabis Hydration

The cannabis plant is an indoor plant. It needs water to live, and so do your plants. In the beginning, you will have to water your plants daily. But later, you will probably want to move to once or twice a week watering. It is also possible to water your plants once every three days. You just need to know how much water your plants need to survive. Once a week is too much for some plants. Especially if they are in pots with poor drainage, which doesn’t allow water to drain. These kinds of plants can dehydrate very quickly. To prevent this from happening, you need to water once every other week. However, you also want to know how much water the cannabis plant needs to grow. There are lots of different options. But the rule of thumb is to not exceed the volume of the root.

How to Water Cannabis at the Right Time

Proper watering frequency depends on the weather and the stage of the plants’ growth cycle. The mature buds (green) are well protected, so the plant doesn’t need to grow anymore. So the plants that are still growing need to be watered more frequently. If the plants have to struggle to get enough water, you should water the plant with a spray bottle to speed up the process. In the early stages of the plant’s growth, it’s best to water every other day or so. This ensures the plants get the water they need, but it’s still convenient. If you notice that the plants are not growing any more, you should water them daily. When you water the mature buds, you should water them every day. There’s a good chance they need more water during the last stages of their growth.

When to Water Cannabis Plants

It’s important to keep an eye on how much water your cannabis plants need, especially during the winter months. The best time to water cannabis is early in the morning, when the plants are still covered in dew. Cannabis plants grow slowly during the summer months. Their growth is particularly slowed down during the dry season. The reason for this is that cannabis plants need constant water, and the longer it’s not watered, the faster the plant’s water supply will become contaminated. This means that the plants will start to grow abnormal leaves and thorns, which can injure you. The best time to water cannabis plants is in the morning, before the sun gets high in the sky. Some cannabis enthusiasts recommend watering cannabis plants every two or three days.

How Much and How Often to Water Your Plant?

Just like with any plant, you should only water your cannabis plants a few times a week or every other day. However, if you have a huge amount of cannabis plants, you might have to water them more frequently. If you have a lot of plants, you will most likely be too busy to water them every day, so a weekly watering schedule might be the most practical and easy to follow. When you add water to the soil, it pushes the water into the soil and your cannabis plants water when they feel it’s needed. So, if you’re in a warm location and your plants need watering more often, they will start soaking up water and you won’t see any water left in the soil. Watering every two or three days will keep your plants healthy and be enough for them to flourish.

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